Kids Menu

(12 and Under Only Please)

Kids' Meals Include-Kids' fountain beverage and small french fries or veggies.
7" SINGLE TOPPING PIZZA (Additional toppings available for $0.25 extra per item) 7.95
7" SINGLE TOPPING WHITE PIZZA (Additional toppings available for $0.25 extra per item) 8.95
CHICKEN FINGERS (With choice of sauce) 7.95
6 WINGS (choice of sauce) 7.95
1/4 CHEESE STEAK OR CHICKEN SANDWICH (with or without onions) (mushrooms and/or green peppers for additional charge) 7.95
1/4 SPECIAL, ITALIAN, TURKEY, HAM, ROAST BEEF, TUNA, GENOA SALAMI, CHICKEN SALAD, PASTRAMI, OR CHEESE HOAGIE includes lettuce, tomatoes, onions, spices, and our own dressing 7.95

Availability & prices may change at any time.
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